palazzoloAntonello Palazzolo earned his degree in piano at the G. B. Martini Conservatory in Bologna. At the same time he also received a degree in Architecture from the University of Florence.
He then worked with Maestro Rio Nardi in Florence and Maestro Vitalj Margulis in Freibourg. In this same period he was able to study with great masters of photography such as Duane Michaels, Arnold Newman, Lee Friedlander and Aldo Ballo, the latter specialized in architectural photography, experiences that had a great influence on his artistic development.
He is presently professor of piano and exegesis of musical sources at the Rinaldo Franci High Institute of Musical Studies in Siena, where he also founded a class on historical piano and organized a collection of antique instruments that are housed in the institute’s extraordinary 19th century annex, which he helped to discover, restore and acquire.
Founding partner and board member of the Academia Bartolomeo Cristofori of Florence, for years Palazzolo has devoted himself to the study and collecting of rare bibliographic and musical sources related to music history and culture related to the piano.
He has created an important archive numbering thousands of rare volumes, some truly unique, a reference point for scholars from around the world, partly conserved now at the Cristofori Academy.
He has dedicated much of his time to the study of the origins of the piano and to the first music written for it, giving concerts and didactic concerts on the subject in important institutions in Europe, the US and in Japan.
As a performer he is one of the first to have discovered the sound of Bartolomeo Cristofori’s pianos, holding a series of concerts in Paris and Kyoto for the 300th anniversary of the piano’s invention.
His parallel studies in piano and art have made him explore the rapport between the language of piano and the visual arts, specifically to that of photography. Photographic experimentation has therefore become a constant travel companion on his excursions into instrumental research and in his teaching and musical appreciation courses. His passionate attention to the visual and to the spatial in his aesthetic and didactic experience has brought him to a very original and eclectic understanding of the past, of the history of the piano and of its literature as it relates to the modern age and to present day performance.


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